Today I have began serving the Johns Creek community as a Board Member of Johns Creek Beautification. This organization is responsible for much of the upscale character of our community which so many of us love. However, they have gone largely unnoticed by many for their significant efforts in Johns Creek. I am honored to have been asked to partner with JCB in continuing their efforts to impact our city. It is my belief that all of a communities arts programs and visual appeal help establish the tone, vibrancy and general feel of a community.


The term “raising awareness” has entered into our everyday language. We are constantly being made aware of environmental issues, our habits and our vulnerabilities. While there are numerous worthy causes, our cause is simple: to drive to a beautiful, clean community that exudes pride and purpose… to a place we call home.

Johns Creek Beautification is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been formed to enhance and preserve the natural beauty in our common areas and public spaces through landscape installations, environmental preservation and public works of art.

The beginnings of JCB took root prior to the creation of the city of Johns Creek with the Medlock Bridge Beautification Project on SR 141, which was executed under the stewardship of the Johns Creek Community Association (JCCA). Community and state leaders worked together with the JCCA to formalize plans and to secure and facilitate $100,000 in grants from the Fulton County Tree Fund, along with donations from local businesses, to ensure the successful installation of Phase I.

Today, the JCB continues that tradition. We work closely with the City of Johns Creek to help secure grants for landscaping and beautification projects. In fact, JCB donations of $15,000 helped the city obtain more than $130,000 in grants to fund  landscaping at Jones Bridge and Abbots Bridge and at States Bridge Road, Kimball Bridge as well as landscaping for the planned Kimball Bridge Multi-Use Trail project.

Help us continue this return on investment. 

We believe that beauty, in its many forms, calms or ignites the soul. Our goal is to raise awareness in a different way… initiate projects and to be involved in establishing and maintaining a standard of living that contributes to the visual and physical comfort of the citizens and businesses of Johns Creek.


If  you would like to partner with us or even to simply learn more please visit The Johns Creek Beautification Website or The ArtSpot Section of the site. The Board is currently undertaking a full site reconstruction so stay tuned for our updated look coming soon! 


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